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In 2020 Karmijn is celebrating its first 10 years. 10 wonderful years in which we have been supported and are still being supported by dozens of people and companies. We are grateful for that. And because birthdays are a time to treat others, we will give something back this year. To our employees, our investors, advisers and of course to the companies in which we invest and with which we collaborate intensively. How, we do not reveal that yet. But on this page you will see in the course of the year what we have done. If you are an entrepreneur and would also like to receive a gift from us, please let us know. We will be happy to personally hand it over to you.


Carien van der Laan encouraged us to think about starting up a bank or investment fund aimed at female entrepreneurs, because she saw that these ladies could use network and knowledge in takeovers and financing companies.

Januari 2010

The plan was ready. Hadewych, Cilian and Désirée decided to quit jobs, run down companies and start working full-time on the start-up of an investment fund. Aimed at companies led by a mixed team of men and women. Because research shows that mixed-guided companies perform better – an important starting point for an investment fund.

April 1, 2010




employees, of course men and women


made investments, of which 6 have since been sold

0 +

million euros under management

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