Karmijn Kapitaal was founded by Désirée van Boxtel, Hadewych Cels and Cilian Jansen Verplanke. We share our admiration for entrepreneurs, and we have an extensive background in making investments. In 2010 we saw an opportunity for an investment fund that invests in companies run by women and men.


Ad van Herpen

Investment Associate

Claire de Jager

Investment Associate

Ewald Dekkers

Portfolio Support Manager

Freerk Smit

Financial Portfolio Manager

Ignacio Bruin

Investment Manager

Meike Scheffer

Investment Director

Miriam Zwanepol

Office manager

Niels Molewijk

Investment Director

Quinten Hoogeboom

Investment Manager
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We believe in the power of combining different people, perspectives, priorities, and leadership visions. Diversity, to us, goes beyond simply counting men and women or backgrounds. Our years of experience with the subject have taught us how diversity can work, when it can lead to excellent teams and organizations. A shared vision is crucial.

We therefore invest in companies led by mixed management teams, consisting of a balanced combination of women and men. Especially then we see those different perspectives. These differences have proven to lead to a better balanced decision-making. Research shows that companies with a mixed management team perform better and therefore generate higher financial results.

We are also entrepreneurs, focused on continuity, and see that diversity is an important success factor. Where everyone can do what he or she is good at and where different leadership styles work together, better results are achieved.

Of course we not only strive for diversity in our portfolio companies, but also in our own team. We also like to work with a mixed team at external consultants.

Sustainability and ESG

Karmijn believes that investing covers more than traditional issues such as finance and efficiency. We invest in SMEs run by various (gender) management teams and also focus on the “softer” aspects of entrepreneurship, such as care for employees and customers, long-term vision and the stimulation of creativity and innovation. Other sustainability issues are also important factors for strong investment performance and business success. When implementing ESG, we try to find an optimum between long-term value creation, competitiveness and the reduction and management of risks. Karmijn works in a dialogue with the portfolio companies in order to arrive at specific ESG themes and actions. We take initiative to identify risk factors and how portfolio companies can add value. The portfolio companies add on to this.

Our Karmijn Responsible Investment Policy describes what is expected from Karmijn as an investor and what Karmijn expects from its portfolio companies.

As a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment, we (publicly) subscribe to the importance of sustainable investment and sustainable investment practices in the broader context of global sustainability goals that we as a society set together, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

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