Business Art Service

Business Art Service is the market leader in business art rental. The company provides art for around 2,000 clients based on the conviction that art inspires, motivates and makes an important contribution to the image of an organization. The art collection consists of more than 40,000 contemporary works. Every year new paintings, sculptures and photographic works by both well-known and emerging artists are added.

The company also serves the private market under the name In 20 ……, also joined the same group, so that a wide range of services in the field of art can now be offered.

In 2016, Karmijn acquired a majority stake in Since then, Karmijn has supported the company in expanding its services.

Investment April 2016

zakelijk directeur Business Art Service

Eugenie van Zeelst

“Our market is complex, there are many smaller providers of art. In the cooperation with Karmijn we have set out a clear strategy, with which we strive for market leadership within the Netherlands. “

Hadewych Cels
partner Karmijn

Hadewych Cels

“We see art as a necessary addition to business environments. It makes you happier and more productive. Business Art Service is therefore a wonderful addition to our portfolio. “

Business Art Service

Reactorweg 9A3542 AD Utrecht
Tel +31 (0)88 1800 180

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