Voortzetting groei en internationale expansie voor King Louie.

Ann Berlips and George Cramer started selling second-hand clothing at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam in 1981, soon followed by their first own store in the Jordaan. King Louie was born in 1984, a vintage-inspired brand, with a distinct personal style.

Recognizable by the colorful prints, King Louie today is very successful in Europe, with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Scandinavia as the most important markets. The brand has a brand store in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets and its own international web shop.

In September 2017, Ann and George took a step back and sold the majority of the shares in King Louie to Karmijn. With the founders as consultants and the experienced management team, we want to introduce many more people to the colorful clothing in the coming years.

Investment: September 2017

oprichter King Louie

Ann Berlips

“Since I got to know Karmijn, they have been the favorite party for me to bring King Louie, together with our people, to a higher level. Their quirky way of working, eye for diversity, human values and long-term thinking have always appealed to me.”

Meike Scheffer
Investment Director Karmijn

Meike Scheffer

“We think we can support King Louie to make the next step in professionalization. And we think it is a very distinctive brand. “

King Louie

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