Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers Groep is the lingerie company that was founded in 1993 by Marlies Dekkers. Her lingerie is characterized by high quality, a perfect fit and a very distinctive look, among other things by a tight line of straps and vistas, through the use of openings and transparent materials. The brand has a very loyal crowd of fans.

The company made a restart in August 2013, with Karmijn taking over the healthy and promising components together with Marlies Dekkers. The company’s strategy has since been strongly international and online. Marlies ’lingerie and swimwear are now being sold in countries across the world.

Since the restart, Karmijn has played an active role in determining the strategy and appointing an experienced and passionate management team.

Investment: August 2013

“The Marlies Dekkers brand was already well known in the Netherlands, but Karmijn really supported us in my vision of putting the brand on the international map. That doesn’t happen within a few months, you have to take a long breath for that. “

Hadewych Cels

“We once fell in love with the brand. But after that it’s hard work to get a brand back on the map in retail. The professional management team is of great added value. “

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