Pols Potten

Pols Potten, the Amsterdam-based producer of quirky interior classics, was founded in 1986 by Erik Pol. The company offers a collection of high-quality furniture and interior accessories, often designed by Dutch designers such as Norman Trapman, Wieki Somers, Roderick Vos, and its own PP team. The Vase 3D Rose and the Coral vase series are world famous. The iconic products adorn many hotel lobbies and palaces.

Erik Pol left the company before and was succeeded by Theo Grootendorst and Jan Wolleswinkel who developed the company into a global player. With the exception of an image store on the KNSM island in Amsterdam, Pols Potten consciously chose not to open its own retail. The company is expanding primarily in collaboration with strong retailers, both offline and online.

Karmijn holds a majority stake and will support the company in further internationalization.

Investment: December 2019

zakelijk directeur van Pols Potten

Theo Grootendorst

“For the next steps of this great company, we were looking for a solid partner with strong commitment and financial strength. With an eye for people, our personal approach and the value of our nature destinations. We look forward to the collaboration. There is a perfect click with Karmijn and we share our clear vision of the future.”

Investment Manager Karmijn

Anne Nijenhuis

“Voigt has a wonderful starting position with travels to Northern Europe, with summer and winter trips in Scandinavia, Scotland and Iceland, among others. It is an entrepreneurial company that has grown rapidly by going one step further than other travel organizations. We think we can support and accelerate this growth in collaboration with management.”

Pols Potten

Image store AmsterdamKNSM-laan 39 1019 LA Amsterdam
Tel +31(0)297-329 222

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