In different situations you might be looking for an investor. You might want to grow your company faster than it does or acquire another company. Or your are giving the opportunity for  a management buy-out. And sometimes there are other reasons, such as a share transfer, a large investment or the buyout of a co-shareholder.

The reason for involving Karmijn will generally be a financing issue. But as an entrepreneur your probably find that that money is available in many places and that the people you are going to cooperate with are just as important.

Types of transactions


You have a great company. With good results. There are opportunities to acquire one or more companies. You see good opportunities for efficiency. But how does such an acquisition work and how do you finance it? You want to be supported by people who have done this before. As an investor, we are happy to work with you as a team during negotiations, due diligence and the final acquisition.

Growth support

Your business is growing fast. There are so many opportunities. Which one do you choose? More than money, you are probably looking for a sounding board. A partner who helps you shape further growth. But also supports in the professionalization of your company. Because that has to grow too. How do you accelerate internationalization, how do you set up an organizational structure, where do you find good managers?

Management buy-out or acquisition

As management you bear the responsibility for the company. Suddenly a moment comes when the owner asks if you want to take over the company through a management buy-out. Do not doubt, what an opportunity! The bank only finances part of the acquisition sum, and own resources are often limited. You need financing from an investor.

Investment criteria


• All sectors• Lead by team of women and men• Turnover over € 5.000.000• Profitable• Minimum of 5 years of operations• Located in the Netherlands


• Growth financing• Acquisition financing• Management buy-outs• Financing of (partial) succession• Majority of substantial minority share• Transaction size € 5-50 mln• Investment size € 2-12,5 mln (equity, larger amounts with co-investors)• Add-on capital available

Value creation, our core business.

We are good at growing companies.

We are not an investor that only comes to check the books once a year after we have made the investment. We try to be as supportive as we can. We can probably tell you little about your core business. But we have a lot of experience with growth, professionalization and optimization. Together we ensure that your company is ready for the future, for the next growth spurt, or for transfer to a new owner.

From day 1 we start working too. Topics that we want to discuss with you and that we will work on in the coming years include:

  • Commercial goals

    Where do we want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years? How can we strengthen internal innovation? How do we expand abroad? Which acquisitions would be good for the company?

  • Internal improvements

    How should the internal organization be changed in order to reach the goals? What ideas about improvements already live internally?

  • Management and leadership

    Are you an excellent team? A great place to work for employees? How can we achieve that?

  • Sustainability

    Where are the opportunities for improvement in the field of sustainability and ESG (environment, social, governance)?

  • Financial optimization

    How thoroughly do you know your company? And what will be the expected results of the plans we made?

But that is not all possible in the first week.

We take the time, make a long-term agenda together. But we also make sure that things really happen.

The implementation of our plans is teamwork: employees of your company, the Karmijn team and if necessary external experts. Karmijn has a large network of experienced experts, we are happy to look for interesting relationships and entrances.

As mentioned, value creation is our core business. Efficiency and finances are important issues. Naturally. But loyal employees and customers are just as important to us. As well as stimulating diversity, creativity and innovation. And last but not least: pleasure. We believe in a long-term vision: both hard and soft aspects of doing business contribute to the growth and value of your company.

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