Karmijn Kapitaal invests in InvesTree with the aim to make Europe more sustainable using trees

Karmijn Kapitaal invests in InvesTree with the aim to make Europe more sustainable using trees


Karmijn Kapitaal has purchased a majority stake in InvesTree. InvesTree invests in the conservation and management of trees through, among other things, tree inspections, growth- and transplantability research. Reliable data and specialist knowledge are important aspects. Together with Karmijn Kapitaal, InvesTree aims to secure tree quality,  necessary for our quality of life in the Netherlands and beyond.

InvesTree is the parent company of four businesses: ‘Bomenwacht’, ‘De Boomadviseurs’, ‘Grib’ and ‘Bomenbanen’. These companies collectively offer solutions for tree-related planning in public spaces, each based on their own area of expertise (specialist advice & consultancy, tree inspections, tree software & data and tree specialist talent development). Over the past few years, InvesTree has supported municipalities and water authorities in making (urban) environments greener, creating biodiversity in urban and suburban areas, and inspecting and assessing (monumental) trees.

Making the Netherlands and Europe more sustainable
InvesTree is market leader in the Netherlands in the field of tree preservation and management. The company aims for further growth from this strong base. Karmijn Kapitaal and InvesTree share the ambition to make the Netherlands and countries within Europe greener. To achieve growth, InvesTree will professionalize even further and expand its software platform. Additionally, the collaboration will lead to an expansion of the management team and the recruitment of new talent. The current management will remain in its current positions.

Achieving growth goals together
Leon Spek, Founder of InvesTree, says: “Realizing our ambition in the Netherlands and beyond by advising on tree related topics will be possible by involving a professional investor. In Karmijn Kapitaal we found common ground for this ambition. Karmijn's goals and vision on making Europe more sustainable, as well as their norms and values, align perfectly with ours. I look forward to achieving our joint growth goals.”

Claire de Jager, Investment Manager at Karmijn Kapitaal, says: “Sustainability and greenery are essential in our society and are becoming more important. InvesTree contributes to this in a very ambitious and effective way. We look forward to a successful collaboration to jointly realize InvesTree's ambition and continue to make a positive impact for people and society.”

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