Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events continues to build

Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events continues to build


Bart Wigman takes over shares from Karmijn Kapitaal

Eindhoven, 20. September 2022 – Gielissen, market leader in interiors, exhibitions and events, today announces the takeover of shares from the private equity fund Karmijn Kapitaal by joint shareholder Bart Wigman.

In 2017 Karmijn Kapitaal acquired a minority shareholding in Gielissen with the intention of assisting the company in its expansion. Now, five years on, and following the successful piloting of Gielissen through the pandemic, Bart Wigman has purchased Karmijn’s interest.

Expansion across the board has led to success
Following a rough period, the market for Exhibitions & Events is showing a clear upward trend. Increasingly more companies are looking for ways to meet clients personally and exhibition participation is appreciated more than ever before.

Gielissen has successfully weathered the corona pandemic through diversity in its portfolio of services, its agile approach to work, and government support. The broadening of the range of services from Gielissen, including areas like sustainability and turn-key interior solutions, were all established together with Karmijn. The coming years will see Gielissen create more depth in its range of services with important innovations in sustainability, digitalization, and the increasing employment of data.

Andre Hoeben, CEO Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events: “Once again, we see various strategic opportunities, such as the expansion of our international presence. This requires further strengthening of our management. The adaption of the shareholder structure to meet a long-term perspective is appropriate here. The increased interest by Bart Wigman, a familiar face for Gielissen, endorses our client confidence and, as a matter of course, that of our personnel. We are grateful to Karmijn for the good relationship and for their strategic, financial and personal support throughout the last few years.”

Bart Wigman: “For me, building a strong Gielissen for the long term has the priority and the transfer of shares is also a logical step. I have absolute confidence in the future, the employees and the management. Together we will realize our future goals. Reflecting on the last few years leaves me with a positive feeling and I look forward to further growth.”

Hadewych Cels, co-founder of Karmijn Kapitaal: “We have enjoyed this journey together, during the precarious times too. It feels really quite special for us to empower Bart to continue the company in his familiar circles. Finding a good home for our portfolio companies is always of great importance to us.”

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